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COC Limburg is looking for a new chairperson who will take firm control of our wonderful queer organisation! We are looking for someone who does not only lead the board, but also connects volunteers and members, and enjoys forging vibrant ties with other organisations. You will be the shining face of “our COC” and a driving force behind our mission. We try to make the composition of the board as diverse as possible. That’s why we also encourage applicants who identify as women, trans*, non-binary or people from a bicultural background.

What tasks does a chairperson have?

  • Chairing the monthly board meetings;
  • Drawing up (policy) plans;
  • Managing an extremely diverse, beautiful association (with the help of fellow board members, more than 100+ volunteers, 3 paid employees and several interns);
  • Pursue the COC policy together with the board and monitor the intended goals for the rainbow community in Limburg;
  • Receive signals from members and volunteers and maintain regular contact;
  • Maintaining contacts with local and regional politics, government, and agencies;
  • Representing COC Limburg at COC Netherlands;
  • Organise a General Member’s Meeting twice a year together with the secretary;
  • Manage staff together with fellow board members and ensure personnel policy;
  • Be present during important moments for the association.

The chairperson at COC Limburg:

You are the face of the association, both internally and externally. The chairperson maintains contacts with all levels of the association. As chairperson, you are part of the executive board, you do this together with the treasurer and secretary. The executive board continuously ensures that COC Limburg remains committed to the rainbow community. General board members supplement the executive board. They are more involved at a regional level and therefore regularly provide advice on regional projects. As a board member, you are not mainly concerned with substantive projects.

Profile of the ideal chairperson:

  • Belongs to the target groups of the COC and is a member of the association or willing to become one;
  • Recognizes the vision, mission, and objectives of the association;
  • Preferably has experience in a similar position or other relevant experience with the rainbow community;
  • Has good interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Can level up with different types of members and volunteers, from activist to more conservative, to empower and represent them;
  • You do not only know how to retain current members and visitors, but also involve the new generation in the COC;
  • Is enthusiastic, collegial, and collaborative;
  • Is decisive and effective with a critical eye;
  • Is familiar with Limburg politics, or is willing to delve deeper into it.

Time investment, expenses, and other details

This board position costs approximately 8 hours per week (indicative). You can manage the time yourself. As chairperson, you are available for the necessary meetings and gatherings, also at national level. COC Limburg’s head office is in Maastricht, but all meetings are hybrid. The workplace can be set up flexibly, which is why this function can be performed from all over Limburg.

The chairperson is ultimately elected into office by the General Members’ Meeting for a term of 2 years. The position is unpaid. Travel and expenses are reimbursed according to the COC Limburg expense scheme. A Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) is necessary, which will be arranged for you.

How do you apply?

How do you start this adventure? Send your motivation by email to

From the responses received, we make a selection of candidates with whom we will conduct an intake interview.

Please note that for the position of chairperson, proficiency in the Dutch language is necessary, as you will encounter documents and engage in important conversations primarily conducted in Dutch. This can be different for other positions.