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Jong & Out – For youth under 18 
JOLO – Dutch-speaking for youth over 18
Dionyx – English-speaking for student youth over 18 (page in English)
Roze Plussers – For the elderly
Transgender Limburg – For the transgender community (page in English)
Genderspace – For the non-binary and gender-nonconforming people
Omni&Bi – For Omni-, Pan-, and Bisexuals
Cocktail – For refugees & Asylum seekers (page in English)
Respect2Love – For people of mixed cultural backgrounds
SoZo – For people with a mild mental disability
AutiRoze – For people with autism

Café Rosé – Our own open-minded/gay bar in Maastricht (page in English)
L’Homme – Men-only parties
Flirta – Women-only parties

Veilige School Limburg – Providing LGBT education in schools
GSA – Gender & Sexuality Alliance; LGBT youth awareness for schools

Limburg Pride – Annual Pride events in Limburg
Social Events – For other LGBT related events organised by us

WIDE – Working Group for Inclusion and Diversity in Europe; our European cooperation