Background and Mission

WIDE was established in 2024 as a response to the growing need for cross-border collaboration among queer organisations in the Meuse-Rhine region. While COC Limburg has a rich history of supporting the LGBTQ+ community, it became evident that there was a lack of cooperation and information sharing among organisations across neighbouring countries such as Belgium and Germany.

The mission of WIDE is multifaceted:

  • Create social cohesion and empowering the queer movement: By organising peer-group activities and cooperative social events, WIDE aims to foster a sense of belonging and community among LGBTQ+ individuals.
  • Strengthen relationships: WIDE seeks to strengthen the relationship between D&I organisations in the Euregion, promoting collaboration and mutual support.
  • Exchange projects: Through the exchange of projects and ideas, WIDE facilitates learning and cooperation between partners from different countries to address common challenges.
  • Tackle healthcare Issues: WIDE is committed to addressing the current problems of healthcare access and providing care to queer persons.
  • Develop a social infrastructure: WIDE endeavours to develop social infrastructure that supports the needs of the LGBTQ+ community, including advocacy, education, and support services.
  • Enhance the cultural role: By enhancing the role of culture, WIDE aims to celebrate LGBTQ+ identities and promote artistic and local expression within the community.

Positive health (iPH)
To achieve our mission, we embrace the concept of positive health (iPH), integrating it into all our projects. Annually, we conduct thorough reviews of all our projects, assessing the potential benefits of integrating positive health principles.

Positive health emphasises not only the absence of illness, but also the promotion of overall well-being across physical, mental, emotional, and social dimensions. It encourages proactive steps to enhance health and quality of life, focusing on flourishing rather than solely on disease prevention.