Pride Maastricht – Pride is a Protest

Organisator: Pride Maastricht
Markt, Maastricht Markt 78, Maastricht, Limburg, Nederland

Pride Maastricht 2024 - Queer Revolution ! We focus on being as inclusive as possible and honour the roots of Pride, therefore Pride in Maastricht is a still Protest. And as long as LGBTQIA+ people are still being oppressed and marginalised, we should keep Pride a Protest! Our website: https://www.pridemaastricht.nlOur Instagram: Loop met ons mee! Pride […]

Pride Maastricht afterparty by COC Limburg

Organisator: COC Limburg
D'n Hiemel Sint Bernardusstraat 24-A, Maastricht, Limburg, Nederland

Nederlands Van 21:00 tot 03:00 organiseert COC Limburg in samenwerking met Pride Maastricht de afterparty in D'n Hiemel. Een afterparty met lokale en beginnende queer DJ's en artiesten. Het feest zal geheel in stijl van Pride Maastricht - Pride is een Protest worden opgebouwd. Queer, fabulous and pride of who you are! Tijdens dit feest […]


International hill hike with Pride Maastricht

Organisator: Pride Maastricht
Stationsplein, Maastricht Stationsplein 29, Maastricht, Limburg, Nederland

For more information and to sign-up go to:   The hills are alive with the sound of ... another queer hike To close off pride month we are teaming up with Pride Maastricht. So we are going all the way down south, so far south that we actually go off the map (of the […]