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On Purple Friday, students can show their solidarity with queer students by wearing the colour purple. Click here for the Dutch website.

Click here for the instagram of COC Limburg Regio Venlo

More and more colleges and universities are participating in Purple Friday. Why? Because queer students are still still facing discrimination and are often bullied because of their sexuality or gender.

Diversity as a norm
By colouring the college or university purple, we show that diversity is the norm and that no one should be excluded.

In addition to a visibility campaign, we also focus on concrete policy improvements. To this end, COC Nehterlands created the Purple Manifesto in 2020 together with colleges and universities. Read and sign this manifesto too!


1. Put December 9 in your calendar
and make sure everyone knows Purple Friday is coming. For some actions you have to start preparing in time!

2. Sign the Purple Manifesto
and speak out for inclusive policies. The manifesto contains the most important points that we still want to have arranged this academic year.

3. Make a concrete plan
to keep the subject on the agenda even after Purple Friday. By working together with other organizations and groups, we are stronger! Together we will then work on a nice and safe place for everyone.

Download your free Purple Friday package here