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Are you ready for the most fabulous party of the year? Queer Factory coming to you on the 8th of April 2023!

DJ Miss Nathalie

DJ Miss Nathalie will start the party in the Large Hall. Who doesn’t know her from all her Lavelöss years in Maastricht where she performed with her mate DJ Run-A. Together they also performed at multiple Pink Parties in the Bonbonnière, as well as in the Rebelle. We tried to get them both to come again, but sadly DJ Run-A has retired from the DJ scene. Luckily Miss Nathalie hadn’t packed all her DJ gear away yet, and was more than happy to come back for us!

She’ll clear the dust of her CD’s, and will gift us her famous mix of the camp gay classics, 90’s Dance, and Top-40 music. Don’t expect anything new. We’ll bring back all those Pink Party vibes you’ve been missing!


De Muziekgieterij is the youngest music venue of the Netherlands. After the forced departure from the Banka Studios, the Muziekgieterij temporarily found refuge in the Timmerfabriek. After recognition from the City of Maastricht in 2017, they started building the new Muziekgieterij at its current location, where they opened in September 2019.
The Muziekgieterij stands for innovativity, internationality, and inclusivity. It is with that in mind that it’s no more than logical that the Queer Factory will be held here!


Boschstraat 5
6211 AS Maastricht

Entrance is through the inner courtyard on the backside. Parking is possible at the Sphinkx Paring. (See map on the bottom right)